We can’t stop review

Giant teddy bears, women twerking, someone seductively rubbing slices of white bread all over their face and neck. Former Disney Channel star, 21 year-old Miley Cyrus’ music video “We Can’t Stop” is all sorts of confusing. But why are we so obsessed? And do not say you aren’t because, you’re reading this, so you are. Are we obsessed because we feel wild, young, and like we just want to let go of everything and be free? Or is it because we’re obsessed with the bizarre creativity that Cyrus brings to her music videos?

We love Miley, then we hate her, then we love her. Is Miley falling off the wagon? Or is she in total control of every aspect of her life? What is Cyrus up to? Miley Cyrus said in her MTV documentary “Miley Cyrus: The Movement” that the movement is a growth, it’s a change. It’s not just a “transition” it’s not genuine. It’s about “taking over the world.”

Miley is not a 14 year old girl anymore and perhaps she’s trying to prove it to the world. She’s a 21 year old woman who can do what she wants. If she wants to make a music video of her at a wild party grabbing herself and with twerking teddy bears, she will. She’s Miley Cyrus, and she can’t stop. So stop the hating, and go with the flow.  

Native American Imagery at East High School

I think the use of Native American mascots at East High School would be totally appropriate.  The Native American head we used to use to symbolize our school is not at all offensive and it is not supposed to be.

Some people, I believe, want to feel victimized; they want to feel like they’re being singled out. Then, there are people that want to be peace makers and want to try and make everyone happy, but that’s just not realistic.

Are we really offending the Native American people by having a high school football team’s mascot be the silhouette of a Native American wearing a head dress? I don’t think so.

If anything I believe it should an honor for the Native American people to represent our school. We take pride in being the Scarlet’s. We all personally believe we are great, although it may not always show.

Plus, it’s really hard to dress up as an “E.” No one wants to be a letter! Why do the surrounding schools get to have fun mascots like for example The Roosevelt Rough Riders or The Lincoln Rail-splitters? Those are people mascots.

Now, I can see why some people might get offended by the name “Redskins.” Redskins used to be a derogatory term used towards Native Americans. Although it’s rarely ever used anymore, if a Native American group specifically asked the team to change the name out of respect, hopefully the team would honor that. But other than that, if it’s not specifically offending anyone then who cares?